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“Steve’s story is proof that saying ‘YES’
can facilitate miraculous change far beyond
our imaginations...”
— Harvey Fierstein


Luxury Kinky Boots Cushions

Hand crafted, made in Northamptonshire; the perfect treat for any Kinky Boots fan.


Hand finished, custom made novelty cushions. Made in Northamptonshire for true fans of the Kinky Boots story! With six different styles to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect accessory for your home or gift for someone special.

If you love Kinky Boots then this is the book for you.

Boss in Boots | The Book is the story and journey that Steve Pateman tells; taking you right back from his struggles as a local factory owner in Earls Barton, through the ups and downs, all the way to when his courageous (or even crazy!) idea ended up being the beginning of the KINKY BOOTS empire that exists today.

Boss in Boots | The Book, a true British story.

From a small factory in Earls Barton, in Northamptonshire, England to Broadway, New York, USA; this is a story that has inspired so many - the true story behind ‘KINKY BOOTS’.

This is the story that inspired the Golden Globe award-winning movie and the multi-Tony Award winning Broadway musical, both based on the hugely successful BBC2 TV Documentary ‘Trouble At The Top’.

Follow Steve’s story as he enters a world he didn’t know existed. Learning to walk in six-inch stiletto heels and shaving his legs are just two of the things Steve had to do to help save his business.

Laugh with him, or at him! Cringe or smile. Steve’s journey has changed his outlook on life as it has also changed the lives of millions around the world.

“Hilarious, compelling and a great story.”

Boss in Boots | The Book has been critiqued and proof read by some of the UK's most experienced book clubs and book reviewers.

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